Nominees - VII Gaudí Awards

  • Best Film

    • BORN Written and directed by Claudio Zulian and produced by Acteon, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • L'ALTRA FRONTERA Directed by André Cruz Shiraiwa, written by André Cruz Shiraiwa and Aurora Sulli and produced by Cinedegarage and Televisió de Catalunya
    • RASTRES DE SÀNDAL Directed by Maria Ripoll, written by Anna Soler-Pont and produced by Pontas Films, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española
    • STELLA CADENTE Directed by Lluís Miñarro, written by Sergi Belbel and Lluís Miñarro and produced by Eddie Saeta, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Film in non-Catalan language

    • 10.000 KM Directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet, written by Carlos Marques-Marcet and Clara Roquet and produced by Lastor Media, La Panda Productions, with the participation of Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya and Canal +
    • EL NIÑO Directed by Daniel Monzón, written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría and Daniel Monzón and produced by Ikiru Films, Telecinco Cinema, Vaca Films, La Ferme! Productions, with the participation of Mediaset España, Canal + and Canal Sur Televisión
    • HERMOSA JUVENTUD Directed by Jaime Rosales, written by Jaime Rosales and Enric Rufas and produced by Fresdeval Films and Wanda Visión, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya
    • [REC]4: APOCALIPSIS Directed by Jaume Balagueró, written by Jaume Balagueró and Manu Díez and produced by Castelao Pictures and Rec Apocalipse, with the participation of Televisión Española and Canal + and the collaboration of Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Director

    Best Screenplay

  • Best Leading Actress

    Best Leading Actor

    Best Production Management

    Best Documentary Film

    • BUGARACH Written and directed by Ventura Durall, Sergi Cameron and Salvador Sunyer and produced by Nanouk Films, Filmtank, Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española
    • ELS ANYS SALVATGES Written and directed by Ventura Durall and produced by Nanouk Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • GABOR Directed by Sebastián Alfie, written by Sebastián Alfie, Pedro Loeb and Albert Solé and produced by Minimal Films and Miralab
    • I WILL BE MURDERED (DEMÀ MORIRÉ) Written and directed by Justin Webster and produced by Justin Webster Productions, Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya, with the participation of Canal +

  • Best Short Film

    • ALEX Written and directed by Laura García and produced by Escac Films
    • CAFÉ PARA LLEVAR Written and directed by Patricia Font and produced by Escac Films
    • EL CORREDOR Directed by José Luis Montesinos, written by Iakes Blesa and José Luis Montesinos and produced by Caduco Films and Bastian Films
    • LINE-UP Directed by Àlex Julià Rich, written by Dani Campmany and produced by Igloo Films

    Best Film for TV

    • DESCALÇ SOBRE LA TERRA VERMELLA Directed by Oriol Ferrer, written by Marcos Bernstein and Maria Jaén and produced by Minoria Absoluta, Televisió de Catalunya, TV Brasil and Televisión Española
    • L'ÚLTIM BALL DE CARMEN AMAYA Directed by Judith Colell, written by Roger Danès and Alfred Pérez and produced by Batabat, Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española
    • PRIM: EL ASESINATO DE LA CALLE DEL TURCO Directed by Miguel Bardem Aguado, written by Virginia Yagüe and Nacho Faerna and produced by Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya, Dream Team Concept and Shine Iberia
    • VICENÇ FERRER Directed by Agustí Crespi, written by David Planell and Patrick Bucley and produced by Visiona TV, Televisió de Catalunya, Ganga Producciones and Televisión Española

    Best Animated Film

    Best Art Direction

  • Best Supporting Actress

    Best Supporting Actor

    Best Film Editing

    Best Original Score

    Best Cinematography

  • Best Costume Design

    Best Sound

    Best Special / Digital Effects

    Best Make-Up and Hairstyles

    Best European Film

    • IDA Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, written by Pawel Pawlikowski and Rebecca Lenkiewicz and produced by Opus Film and Phoenix Film. Poland
    • LA GRANDE BELLEZZA (LA GRAN BELLESA) Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, written by Paolo Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello and produced by Indigo Film, Medusa Film, Mediaset, Pathé, France 2 Cinéma, Babe Film and Canal +. Italy and France
    • LA ISLA MÍNIMA Directed by Alberto Rodríguez, written by Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos and produced by Atípica Films, Sacromonte Films and Atresmedia Cine. Spain
    • MAGICAL GIRL Written and directed by Carlos Vermut and produced by Aquí y Allí Films. Spain

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