Nominees - II Gaudí Awards

  • Best Film in Catalan language

    • TRASH Directed by Carles Torras, written by Carles Torras, Enric Pardo and Ramon Térmens and produced by Just Films, Escándalo Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • TRES DIES AMB LA FAMÍLIA Directed by Mar Coll, written by Mar Coll and Valentina Viso and produced by Escándalo Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • V.O.S (VERSIÓ ORIGINAL SUBTITULADA) Written and directed by Cesc Gay and produced by Imposible Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • XTREMS Directed by Abel Folk and Joan Riedweg, written by Marta Molins, Joan Riedweg and Abel Folk and produced by Animals Films, Riedweg i Folk produccions audiovisuals and Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Film in non-Catalan language

    • CINÉCLUB Written and directed by Salomón Shang and produced by Producciones Kaplan and Eddie Saeta
    • LOS CONDENADOS Directed by Isaki Lacuesta, written by Isa Campo and Isaki Lacuesta and produced by Benecé Produccions and Televisió de Catalunya
    • NEGRO BUENOS AIRES Directed by Ramon Térmens, written by Ramon Térmens and Daniel Faraldo and produced by Zip Films, 1971 Cine and Televisió de Catalunya
    • THE FROST (EL GEBRE) Written and directed by Ferran Audí and produced by Alta Realitat, Apuntolapospo and Televisió de Catalunya

    Best Director

    Best Screenplay

  • Best Leading Actress

    Best Leading Actor

    Best Production Management

    Best Documentary Film

    • A TRAVÉS DEL CARMEL Written and directed by Claudio Zulian and produced by Acteon and Televisió de Catalunya, with the participation of ICIC
    • CATALUÑA-ESPANYA Directed by Isona Passola, written by Lluís Ferrando and Isona Passola and produced by Isona Passola and Televisió de Catalunya
    • GARBO, L’HOME QUE VA SALVAR EL MÓN Directed by Edmon Roch, written by Edmon Roch, Isaki Lacuesta and María Hervera and produced by Ikiru Films and Televisió de Catalunya
    • HOLLYWOOD CONTRA FRANCO Directed by Oriol Porta, written by Oriol Porta, Lorenzo Soler and Isabel Andrés and produced by Àrea Televisió and Televisió de Catalunya

  • Best Short Film

    • 501 Directed by Laia Fàbregas, written by Cristina Valentí and produced by Valentí Films
    • CHAT NOIR Written and directed by Daniel Fibla Amselem and produced by Polar Star Films and Gabiwan Productions
    • DIE ARCHIVES VON C.G. JUNG Written and directed by Gemma Ventura and produced by Yakima Films
    • (EN)TERRATS Written and directed by Àlex Lora and produced by Blanquerna Tecnologia i Serveis

    Best Film for TV

    • 23 F, EL DIA MÉS DIFÍCIL DEL REI Directed by Sílvia Quer, written by Helena Medina and produced by Televisió de Catalunya, Alea Docs & Films, with the participation of Televisión Española
    • LA RUÏNA Directed by Elena Trapé, written by Jordi Casanovas and produced by Televisió de Catalunya, Serveis de l'Espectacle Focus and Escándalo Films
    • LES VEUS DEL PAMANO Directed by Lluís M. Güell, written by Xesc Barceló and Eduard Cortés based on the book by Jaume Cabré and produced by Televisió de Catalunya, Diagonal Televisió and Mallerich Films Paco Poch, with the participation of ICIC
    • PLOU A BARCELONA Directed by Carles Torrens, written by Pau Miró and produced by Televisió de Catalunya, Aurea Documentary, Fair Play and Pep Armengol

    Best Animated Film

    • CHER AMI Directed by Miquel Pujol, written by Miquel Pujol and Ibán Roca and produced by Acció, Digital Dreams, Euroview and Televisió de Catalunya
    • LA CARTA DEL RAJÁ Directed by Ángel Blasco, written by Marisa Barahona and Ángel Blasco and produced by Montjuïc Entertainment

    Best Art Direction

  • Best Supporting Actress

    Best Supporting Actor

    Best Film Editing

    Best Original Score

    Best Cinematography

  • Best Costume Design

    Best Sound

    • Xavi Mas, Oriol Tarragó and Marc Orts for [REC] 2
    • Ola Apenes, Kenneth Gustavsen, Jordi Arqués and Jordi Casugas for THE FROST (EL GEBRE)
    • Èric Arajol, Jordi Rossinyol and Àlex Pérez for TRASH
    • Aleix Cuaresma and Àlex Pérez for XTREMS

    Best Special / Digital Effects

    • DDT, Sputnik, EFE-X and Infinia for PAINTBALL
    • David Ambit, Alex Villagrasa and Salvador Santana for [REC] 2
    • Berlin SFX Department, Apuntolapospo and Entropy Studio for THE FROST (EL GEBRE)
    • Josep Maria Aragonés for XTREMS

    Best Make-Up and Hairstyles

    Best European Film

    • BIENVENUE CHEZ LES CH'TIS (BIENVENIDOS AL NORTE) Directed by Dany Boon, written by Dany Boon, Franck Magnier and Alexandre Charlot and produced by Hirsch, Pathé, TF1 Films Productions, Les Productions de Chtimi and C.R.R.A.V Nord-Pas de Calais. France
    • LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN (DÉJAME ENTRAR) Directed by Tomas Alfredson, written by John Ajvide Lindqvist and produced by EFTI. Sweden
    • MOON Directed by Duncan Jones, written by Duncan Jones and Nathan Parker and produced by Liberty Films. UK
    • SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Directed by Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan, written by Simon Beaufoy and Vikas Swarup and produced by Warner Bros., Celador Films, Film4 and Pathé Pictures International. UK and USA

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